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We have reutilized 940 kg of papaya waste

We have adopted 7 sections of coral reefs y 22 coral nurseries 

We have avoided more than  +5000 kg of C02 emissions

We have avoided more than +14 000 plastic containers

We generated  +$1100 of extra income to small produces

Sunspectra formulates and produces papaya-based reef-safe mineral sunscreens in Costa Rica

How are mineral sunscreens different from chemical ones?

1) Chemical sunscreens have components that damage marine corals , favoring their bleaching and death ≠ Mineral sunscreens do not have these compounds . (We'll leave you the list of the compounds below).

Te dejamos la lista de ingredientes químicos que deberías evitar en tu bloqueador solar si no querés dañar los corales marinos:
❌Oxybenzone - Octocrylene - Octinoxate - Avobenzone - Homosolate - Octisolate - Enzacamene - PABA (Aminobenzonic Acid) - Parabenos - Phthalates - Triclosan - Nano partículas  ❌

Be part of the change, join the Sunspectra Tribe

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