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As a brand we do not want to run the risk of damaging such an important ecosystem, therefore our formulations of mineral sunscreens are 100% friendly to reefs and aquatic ecosystems (sea, cenotes, etc.) They use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (non nanoparticulated) as filters to provide broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection.  


Approximately 14,000 tons of chemical sunscreen enter and affect coral reefs around the world each year. Chemical sunscreens that use chemical filters (such as oxybenzone or octocrylene) are proven to cause a negative effect on natural ecosystems of aquatic life and favor the process of coral bleaching, as well as being potentially harmful to our health.


This is dangerous in many ways given reefs provide vitality to marine biodiversity, which in turn provides economic stability to coastal communities as well as protection against floods/climate change. Ultimately, these are crucial ecosystems for the balance of our oceans and their protection is imperative. 

The main ingredients to avoid,  to ensure our health and that of aquatic ecosystems (including the sea, cenotes, rivers, etc.) that are widely used in chemical sunscreen formulations are:

- Oxybenzone

- Octocrylene

- Octinoxate  


- homosolate

- Octisolate


-PABA (Aminobenzonic Acid)  

- Parabens  


- Triclosan

- Microbeads


- 4-methylbenzylidene camphor

- versions of nanoparticulate zinc oxide and titanium dioxide

Thanks to your support we have received during our first 2 years in the Costa Rican market, we continue to drive Sunspectra's impact so, to celebrate 2nd year  we collaborate with  Marine Conservation  to adopt various coral fragments! These fragments will be cared for and replanted to propagate healthy reef growth in the Manuel Antonio area.  

With your help , Sunspectra has:  

  • Avoided +14 000 plastic containers

  • Adopted 7 sections of  reef  coral and 22 coral nurseries  in Manuel Antonio to ensure its protection and spread.  

Thank you for joining the change for the health of our planet!

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