30% of the global and local production of papayas is wasted, which aside from being an unfortunate reality, generates harmful emissions for the ozone.

Our products honor the circular economy. We reduce food waste by re-purposing it & transforming it into new value. The natural extracts we get from these papayas become the base for our sunblocks! 


Additionally, our packages are either reusable or compostable.


Since our sunblocks are mineral, they watch out for your skin care while also not damaging marine life


We work with small local farms to source our papayas thus, aiming to provide these  farmers extra income by buying their, otherwise, "waste" produce.

Also, we want to be an educational voice for consumers, highlighting the importance of solar protection, considering skin conditions have become so prevalent with our ever warming planet. 


We seek to inspire consciousness and a life lived in balance & respect with nature!

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