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Sunspectra Ambassadors 

Changing the landscape, promoting positive impact and living to the fullest (wearing mineral sunscreen daily, of course)!


Valeria Salustri

Sport: Paddle Board

Favorite achievement: Being Top 10 in the 2019 Pan American Games and being the only Costa Rican who went to the world tour, as well as having my healthy bakery and being able to help others with a healthy diet

Spirit Animal: A dolphin, because I have too much energy, I consider myself intelligent and I love the sea

Favorite place in Costa Rica: All the beaches of Guanacaste, Santa Teresa and the southern area such as Corcovado

Tip / lesson for the tribe: Always have a goal, since that motivates us to keep going, it also keeps us focused, so if we get discouraged we get back on our feet when we remember it. Also use sunscreen, take care of your skin, we all get wrinkled!

Instagrams: @valeriasalustri @livingfoodandsoul @costaricanway

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Alba y Guille

La respuesta es viajar

 Guille is a diving instructor and Alba enjoys practicing Snorkell

Favorite Achievement: Pursuing our dreams of emigrating and living in different countries. We left Madrid to spend two years in Costa Rica, and we are currently enjoying the Mexican Caribbean.

Spirit Animal:  Guille is a turtle, an animal with the ability to guarantee mental and spiritual peace, who follows his path to where he really wants to go. Alba's is a whale, an animal that symbolizes emotional creativity, that is moved by intense emotions and that perceives the energies of the environment.

Favorite place in Costa Rica and Mexico:  The place that stole our hearts in Costa Rica was the Pacific coast and the great Arenal Volcano. In Mexico we like to take us for the peace that the Caribbean beaches transmit to us.

Advice/lesson for the tribe:  We want to share with you  our philosophy of life, which is to live to the fullest each day. Fight for dreams and go for them until you achieve them. Also, take care of the planet, since it is a responsibility that we all have.

Instagram: @larespuestaesviajar



Sport: I am a surfer in both shortboard and longboard, but my main focus is competing in shortboard.

Favorite achievement: Becoming the National champion at the age of 13. I was very nervous, but I still managed to achieve it. Going to the junior world championship in June and representing Costa Rica was super fun!

Spirit Animal: The tiger, it is a strong, powerful animal with a lot of energy and intelligence.

Favorite place: Out of all the parts of Costa Rica I have visited, my favorite by far is Matapalo. The nature there feels like it's from another world, and the waves are incredible!

Advice/lesson for the tribe: Never give up and don't pay attention to negative thoughts. Try to be the happiest by being yourself and doing what you love.

Instagram: @lia_hermosa_diaz

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Country: Costa Rica - Brazil

Sport: I have been practicing surfing since I arrived here.

Favorite place: My favorite place is Roca Bruja.

Advice/lesson for the tribe: Let's always follow the path of preserving the ocean and the rich nature of Costa Rica.

Instagram: @pietrogarroux

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Costa Rica

 Yo soy surfista en ambas tabla corta(shortboard) y tabla larga(longboard) pero mi mayor enfoque es competir en shortboard

Logro favorito: Quedar campeona Nacional a los 13, porque estaba muy nerviosa pero aun asi lo logre, haber ido al mundial junior en junio y representar a Costa Rica fue súper divertido!! 

Spirit Animal: El tigre, es un animal fuerte, poderoso que tiene mucha energía y es inteligente

Lugar preferido: De todas las partes en Costa Rica que he visistado mi favorito y por mucho es matapalo, por la naturaleza que parece de otro mundo y unas olas increíbles!!

Consejo/lección para la tribu: Que crean en ell@s con todo su corazón que ellos deben ser los últimos en dudar de ellos mismos. 

Instagram: @mikelacastrobolivar

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