Opticks Blue for Normal-Dry Skin

Lotion Tone L1V

Lotion Tone M1V

Lotion Tone K1V

Lotion Tone G1V



• SPF 50 

• Reef-Safe

• UVA-UVB (broad spectrum)

• Natural Ingredients

• Reduces produce waste (papayas)

• Not tested on animals (Cruelty-free)

• Paraben free

• With color (double function - Sunscreen & makeup)

• Water Resistant (80 min)

• Formulated and manufactured in Costa Rica

• Natural moisturizer 

• Reusable packaging


Soybean oil, papaya extract, theobroma cocoa butter, beeswax, Cocos nucifera oil, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, aloe barbadensis extract, glycerin, iron oxides, xantham gum, vitamin E, cocamidropyl betaine, avocado oil, potassium sorbate.

Prices per Size:

120mL: ₡9000

60mL: ₡7800 

Delivery included within la GAM

+800 outside of la GAM

+506 88630035

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